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01 Founders - the revolutionary free-to-access coding school with a job guarantee.

Become A Full Stack Developer

Become a world-class software engineer through an exclusive peer learning programme with deep dives in AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Gaming, or AR and VR. Coming soon: Data Engineering.

1. Play the application game online. Put your coding aptitude and resilience to the test with our challenging and fun 90 minute game.

2. If you're successful: attend a 3 week intensive selection pool at our London site.

3. After the 3 weeks, earn the chance to join our full 2 year programme. Followed by a 2 year job guarantee.

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Imagine, by September 2024, you will be graduating debt free to enter high-paid, full time work that is rewarding and will open a world of possibilities for you.

29th May 2022 - Game Play Deadline

13th June - 1st July 2022 - Selection Pool

10th October 2022 - Fellowship


Join us on campus for an immersion session and learn what its like to be a developer. Book your spot here.


Work With Leading

Tech Companies

Our Founding Partners include:

Peloton is the leading interactive fitness platform in the world. The company pioneered connected tech-enabled fitness.

Nominet is the world-leading domain name registry, running .UK and over 75 top level domains, including .bbc, .wales and .london.

Faculty is an applied AI company that helps companies who have the scale, data and foresight to adopt AI into their organisations.

Honestly this has been the highlight of my year so far, I've enjoyed it so much. It has certainly sparked something.
Anon, Selection Pool Learner
The first test was not a coding test, but it was a great analogy for how coding would be. You are faced with a problem; you try a solution, and it may or may not work. You don’t quit. It is all about resilience. I’m expecting failure and a lot of it! It’s how you mentally dust yourself off and go again.
Craig O - Fellowship Learner
01 Founders is different: you are guaranteed a job, guaranteed a minimum salary. It is peer to peer, so you make a lot of connections. You meet people who want to do a speciality, and then they could help you with your own startup. Maybe you can find like-minded people within the fellowship.
Christian M - Fellowship Learner