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Engineer your talent by working for one our leading corporate partners.

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We don't just want to create talent but we want to ensure that the industry has access to quality talent. At the end of the two years you’ll have the opportunity to build your career with our commercial partners.

01 Founders is free for you, thanks to our commercial partners.

We work closely with them to ensure that you have access to real-world projects to learn from.


Founded in 2012, now with 3281 employees across the globe, Peloton is an innovative global at-home fitness company. Peloton offers exercise equipment differentiated by sleek designs and data heavy fitness programmes. They create exercise bikes, treadmills and fitness programmes that adapts to consumers needs.
Pelotons technology thrives on data. Its equipment monitors movement (data) and its app recommends personalised workouts (AI).
Peloton offers many tech opportunities from website development, to app, e-commerce and data. You’ll be contributing to the growth, maintenance and development of its ecosystem.


Without realising it, if you’ve used the internet then you’ve come across Nominet.
Nominet is domain registration service founded in 1996. The guardians of the “.UK” domains alongside hosting other “top-level” domains such as .BBC and .London Over 10 million domains. And with Nominet's cybersecurity division, ensures the websites it hosts are secure.



Faculty is an artificial intelligence company. They solve problems by building AI that digs deep into companies data. They them use this information to improve the business strategy of their customers. They’ve helped Twitter identify trending topics, driven the profits for a large fashion retailer by millions, and detected fraud “for a large payments company.”

Their customers include the BBC, SKY, British Airways, Tesco and Just Eat.