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A Course Like No Other

Our on-campus London school makes full-stack developers out of coding novices.


Our free-to-access on-campus coding school makes full-stack developers out of coding novices.
18 months


Choose your specialisation including game development, AR, AI and many other areas.
6 months


Paid employment with one of our partner companies or in the 01 Founders talent agency.
2 years

No Teachers

No Classes

All learning at 01 Founders is team-based and gamified, so you learn from your peers and teach them as you progress.
Project Based

Project Based

No lessons or lectures.

No Teachers

Work collaboratively to complete challenges.
Outcome Focused

Outcome Focused

Learn to solve real-world problems.

Gamified Course

The course is challenge-based and engaging.
Personalised Learning

Personalised Learning

Pick the projects and specialisms that suit you.
Relevant Skills

Relevant Skills

The course is updated fortnightly to ensure relevance.
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Online Cognitive Test

Complete two games over 90 minutes, designed to test your aptitude for coding. No revision required.
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Your first taste of 01 Founders - a 3 week, in-person, intensive deep-dive into coding.

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Learn to code and shape your future over the next 2 years.
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