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Join 01Founders as a community partner and help us bridge the gap between tech and underrepresented communities.



The tech industry is seeing a boom in job opportunities with 42% more tech jobs being advertised than in previous years. 

Yet an increasing number of people don't have access to these largely mid-level positions.

We want to ensure that tech represents all who use it. 01 Founders is on a mission to train 100,000  diverse, high quality software engineers by 2030. 




Ethnic Minorities


Financially Underrepresented

We offer a free alternative to traditional university. We require no experience or qualifications and by the end of the 2 years our learners will represent a new standard of excellence.

Through coding real world projects, informed by our corporate partners, learners will be accelerated to mid-senior level software engineer with a guaranteed job at one of our corporate partners.

Join us as a community partner and help us engage the future of tech.

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Why Partner with us?


Inspire your community with an amazing opportunity and access to some of our exclusive events.


Collaborate with us through mutual promotions and engaging events.


Promote your organisation to our learners and potential learners.

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Get free access to our event space if you need to host your event.

Ways To Partner

Let Your Community Know

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Inspire the future of talent.

  • Promote our course or events on your social media
  • Promote our course in your newsletters.
  • Ensure your community has access to an innovative opportunity by signposting them to us.
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Speak To The Future of Tech 

Build your presence and speak at one of our events.

If you have experience in software engineering and the tech industry we'd love to hear from you. This is your chance to inspire the future of tech.

  • Engage current and potential learners about jobs in the fast moving tech space.
  • Inspire with the tale of your journey into tech.
  • Engage innovative minds through our events.
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Our community partners include:

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