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Empower your workforce by hiring world class, mid-level coders
and support the future of tech


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At 01 Founders we believe in the potential of exceptional people to solve the 21st century tech talent problem.

That’s why we’re committed to identifying and training over 100,000 software engineers by 2030.  Through our innovative, peer led programme we’ll upskill these individuals and give them specialisations in areas such as AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, VR and AR and more.

  • We will produce mid-senior level engineers that can make a real and lasting difference in any business.
  • We’re open to anyone who has the talent regardless of background, or prior academic or professional experience.
  • More importantly we’re open to working with any company that wants to help us to identify and develop these individuals.

We believe this will create a virtuous circle that improves the true diversity of tech teams and opens up opportunities for everyone to make the most of.

Why partner with us?

We De-risk Hiring

Gain access to a steady pool of world-class digital talent for permanent hire or contracts

We Deliver Positive Impact 

Opportunity to take the lead in transforming the UK’s digital landscape

You Access innovation L&D

Our project based method works across retraining and upskilling

You Give Back

Support disadvantaged people in to tech, just by partnering with us


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Build or retrain your pipeline of talent

We offer a comprehensive range of services to organizations which work to fill or improve their talent pipeline.

  • Recruit our learners on a permanent or contract basis
  • Re-skill or Up-skill your existing workforce to meet your needs
  • Tackle large scale challenges or digital transformations facing your business.
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Build your presence in a fast-growing community

We have a limited number of opportunities for brands to connect with our community and partners to build meaningful relationships.

  • Build powerful brand associations through bespoke expressions
  • Engage innovative minds through events and challenges
  • Be seen as a leader in a fast-moving sector.
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Support disadvantaged and minority learners

We are committed to enabling a diverse range of learners to benefit from the full experience of 01 Founders.

  • You can fund full scholarships and cost of living support
  • Mentor and directly connect with our learners
  • Share insights and experience at our regular events series.

Would you like to talk about tech talent?

Book in a meeting with Fergal Kilroy today to find out more how 01 Founders can support you and your organisation with talent and training.