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01 Founders requires no experience or qualifications to join. Which is why we've put together an application game that tests your potential.

The application is a two part game which challenges your memory and cognitive ability. The 01 Founders programme rewards potential and perseverance, try the application and see. 


Game #1 - Memory

Begin the application with a game that tests your memory. Getting harder as the levels progress, test your memory in this colourful game.


Game #2 - Zzle

This is where the challenge begins. Zzle tests your logic and perseverance.  You'll be lead through a series of puzzles and your job is to figure out how to move the cursor to the end. Experiment with different possibilities and see how quickly you can get through. 


What happens next?

If you pass, you'll receive an email asking you to select a Selection Pool date. If you fail, you'll be able to try again. 

Good Luck!


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